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We already have a reputation for providing a quality and unique service which is tailored to the needs of each of our broad range of clients. We have a mission of excellence and cost control across all of our products and services with commitment to customer satisfaction at the most economical price.

Air Conditioning Specialists | Your Maintenance Partner | M&E Specialists | A collaborative approach to installation, maintenance and technical.


You need a maintenance partner that can stay involved and in control, after the installation and commissioning of your services is complete.

Service-works provide maintenance after-care – a one-stop shop for your mechanical and electrical maintenance requirements.

Your in-house building maintenance team can now benefit from a streamlined relationship that provides continuity with the original fit out contractor.  The mac team that installed your M&E services now has the ability to provide this extended connection and a continuity of service and professional after-care.

Our skilled team has the flexibility and experience to undertake a wide range of industrial and commercial building projects ranging from minor works to major refurbishments right across the country.

We provide a professional and comprehensive M&E service, from building design, to supply and installation, with quality construction workmanship and competitive pricing that our blue chip client base demand.

We pride ourselves on our quality building services and workmanship, and we endeavour to reflect this in every type of job we undertake.

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